PartsByMG.com is a division of Min Ghee focused on B2B customers who are experienced and familiar in ordering parts by part numbers. Due to the large number of SKUs in stock, we are unable to furnish photos of the parts. Those are available upon request once you have selected and added parts to the cart, and preparing for a final confirmation. Parts are of course all original. If it’s not of good condition, we will not ship to you. We invite you to create an account and log in to see our prices. See our product page to see what brands we have in stock. You can search with car maker’s OE numbers, or replacement part number. Or run a search on vehicle model code to see what products are suitable for those models, such as CS3 for Mitsubishi Lancer, E90 for the BMW 3 series, ZZE141 for the Toyota Altis for example. Not all products suitable for each model are tagged to that model, again sorry for that, because our SKUs are too big and we hope you have the detailed part number to search for those. 

We will minimise packing size and minimise shipping costs for you, and hope that you will search for your required products from us again. We apologise if there are any parts that you need but not available here. In those cases, please email to info@minghee.com. Our guys at Min Ghee will check for you and give you some pricing information and ordering options.

If there’s anything we have not done well on this site, we apologise, but we will strive to improve. And we look forward to your feedback.
Thank you and we look forward to a continued productive relationship.